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protein N-linked glycosylation (GO:0006487)
Annotations: Rat: (62) Mouse: (60) Human: (68) Chinchilla: (40) Bonobo: (40) Dog: (47) Squirrel: (40) Pig: (58)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
negative regulation of protein glycosylation +   
positive regulation of protein glycosylation +   
protein C-linked glycosylation +   
protein galactosylation +   
protein glucuronylation +  
protein glycosylation at cell surface +   
protein glycosylation in cytosol +  
protein glycosylation in endoplasmic reticulum +   
protein glycosylation in Golgi +   
protein mannosylation +   
protein N-linked glycosylation +   
A protein glycosylation process in which a carbohydrate or carbohydrate derivative unit is added to a protein via the N4 atom of peptidyl-asparagine, the omega-N of arginine, or the N1' atom peptidyl-tryptophan.
protein O-linked glycosylation +   
protein phosphate-linked glycosylation +  
protein S-linked glycosylation +  
regulation of protein glycosylation +   

Exact Synonyms: protein amino acid N-linked glycosylation
Related Synonyms: N-glycan biosynthesis ;   N-glycan metabolism
Xrefs: RESID:AA0151 ;   RESID:AA0156 ;   RESID:AA0327
Definition Sources: GOC:pr, RESID:AA0151, RESID:AA0156, RESID:AA0327

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