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cellular process +     
protein maturation +     
actin filament-based process +   
C21-steroid hormone metabolic process +   
CAAX-box protein maturation +   
cell activation +   
cell adhesion +   
cell adhesion molecule production +   
cell aggregation +   
cell communication +   
cell competition in a multicellular organism  
cell cycle +   
cell cycle process +   
cell death +   
cell division +   
cell growth +   
cell killing +   
cell motility +   
cell population proliferation +   
cell recognition +   
cell wall organization or biogenesis +   
cell-cell fusion +   
cellular component organization or biogenesis +   
cellular detoxification +   
cellular developmental process +   
cellular localization +   
cellular metabolic process +   
cellular pigmentation +   
cellular process involved in reproduction in multicellular organism +   
cellular response to stimulus +   
ciliary basal body segregation 
cytolysis +   
DNA clamp unloading  
ensheathment of neurons +   
establishment or maintenance of cell polarity +   
establishment or maintenance of cell type involved in phenotypic switching  
execution phase of apoptosis +   
execution phase of necroptosis  
exocytic process +   
export from cell +   
horizontal gene transfer +  
intercellular transport +   
intermediate filament-based process +   
light absorption +   
localization of cell +   
maintenance of location in cell +   
membrane docking +   
microtubule organizing center localization +   
microtubule-based process +   
mineralocorticoid metabolic process +   
N-terminal protein amino acid acetylation +   
negative regulation of cellular process +   
negative regulation of protein maturation +   
peptide pheromone maturation +  
peptidyl-lysine modification to peptidyl-hypusine 
phenotypic switching +   
plasmid maintenance +  
positive regulation of cellular process +   
positive regulation of protein maturation +   
process utilizing autophagic mechanism +   
protein activation cascade +   
protein folding +   
The process of assisting in the covalent and noncovalent assembly of single chain polypeptides or multisubunit complexes into the correct tertiary structure.
protein lipoylation 
protein maturation by copper ion transfer  
protein maturation by iron-sulfur cluster transfer +   
protein maturation by nickel ion transfer 
protein maturation by protein folding  
protein processing +   
protein unfolding  
regulation of cellular process +   
regulation of protein maturation +   
RNA folding +   
septum digestion after cytokinesis +  
signal transduction +   
stomatal movement +  
symbiont-mediated perturbation of host cellular process +  
synaptic vesicle transport +   
syncytium formation +   
transmembrane transport +   
transposition +   
vesicle targeting +   
vesicle-mediated transport +   

Narrow Synonyms: alpha-tubulin folding ;   beta-tubulin folding ;   chaperonin-mediated tubulin folding
Related Synonyms: chaperone activity ;   chaperonin ATPase activity ;   co-chaperone activity ;   co-chaperonin activity ;   glycoprotein-specific chaperone activity ;   non-chaperonin molecular chaperone ATPase activity ;   protein complex assembly, multichaperone pathway
Alternate IDs: GO:0007022 ;   GO:0007024 ;   GO:0007025
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Protein_folding
Definition Sources: GOC:go_curators, GOC:rb

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