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gene expression +     
cytokine production +   
DNA replication, synthesis of RNA primer +   
DNA-templated transcription +   
The synthesis of an RNA transcript from a DNA template.
DNA-templated transcription elongation +   
DNA-templated transcription initiation +   
DNA-templated transcription termination +   
DNA-templated transcriptional start site selection +   
gene expression involved in extracellular matrix organization  
maintenance of transcriptional fidelity during transcription elongation +   
mitochondrial gene expression +   
modulation by virus of host gene expression +   
mRNA export from nucleus +   
negative regulation of gene expression +   
negative regulation of RNA biosynthetic process +   
oxytocin production +   
plastid gene expression 
positive regulation of gene expression +   
positive regulation of RNA biosynthetic process +   
production of molecular mediator of immune response +   
promoter clearance during DNA-templated transcription +   
protein maturation +   
regulation of gene expression +   
regulation of RNA biosynthetic process +   
RNA processing +   
RNA-templated transcription +   
translation +   
viral RNA genome replication +   

Exact Synonyms: DNA-dependent transcription
Narrow Synonyms: bacterial transcription ;   transcription from bacterial-type RNA polymerase promoter
Broad Synonyms: cellular transcription ;   transcription
Alternate IDs: GO:0001121 ;   GO:0006350 ;   GO:0061018 ;   GO:0061022
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Transcription_(genetics)
Definition Sources: GOC:jl, GOC:txnOH

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