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chromatin assembly or disassembly (GO:0006333)
Annotations: Rat: (153) Mouse: (142) Human: (182) Chinchilla: (78) Bonobo: (90) Dog: (104) Squirrel: (86) Pig: (116)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
CENP-A containing chromatin organization +   
chromatin assembly or disassembly +   
The formation or destruction of chromatin structures.
chromatin looping 
chromatin remodeling +   
heterochromatin organization +   
modulation by virus of host chromatin organization 
negative regulation of chromatin organization +   
nucleolar chromatin organization +   
positive regulation of chromatin organization +   
progressive alteration of chromatin involved in cell aging +  
regulation of chromatin organization +   
sperm chromatin condensation +   
sperm chromatin decondensation +   

Exact Synonyms: chromatin assembly/disassembly
Definition Sources: GOC:mah

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