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DNA recombination +     
DNA ligation involved in DNA recombination  
DNA transposition +   
homologous recombination +   
intrachromosomal DNA recombination 
intron homing +  
meiotic heteroduplex formation 
mitochondrion DNA recombination 
mitotic recombination +   
The exchange, reciprocal or nonreciprocal, of genetic material between one DNA molecule and a homologous DNA region that occurs during mitotic cell cycles.
negative regulation of DNA recombination +   
plasmid recombination 
positive regulation of DNA recombination +   
recombination within rDNA repeats 
recombinational repair +   
regulation of DNA recombination +   
resolution of recombination intermediates +   
RNA-mediated DNA recombination 
somatic cell DNA recombination +   
strand displacement +   
strand invasion +   

Xrefs: Wikipedia:Mitotic_crossover
Definition Sources: GOC:elh

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