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pentose-phosphate shunt +   
The metabolic process in which glucose-6-phosphate is oxidized to form carbon dioxide (CO2) and ribulose 5-phosphate, coupled to reduction of NADP+ to NADPH; ribulose 5-P then enters a series of reactions that can yield biosynthetic precursors (ribose-5-phosphate and erythrose-4-phosphate) and glycolytic intermediates (fructose-6-phosphate and glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate).
pentose-phosphate shunt, oxidative branch  
photosynthetic NADP+ reduction 
sucrose catabolic process to fructose-6-phosphate and glucose-6-phosphate 

Exact Synonyms: hexose monophosphate pathway ;   pentose phosphate pathway
Xrefs: KEGG_PATHWAY:00030 ;   MetaCyc:PENTOSE-P-PWY ;   Reactome:R-HSA-71336 "Pentose phosphate pathway (hexose monophosphate shunt), Homo sapiens" ;   Wikipedia:Pentose_phosphate_pathway
Definition Sources: GOC:pde, ISBN:0198506732, MetaCyc:PENTOSE-P-PWY

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