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calcium-dependent phospholipid binding (GO:0005544)
Annotations: Rat: (58) Mouse: (59) Human: (62) Chinchilla: (32) Bonobo: (45) Dog: (62) Squirrel: (42) Pig: (57)
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calcium-dependent phospholipid binding  
Binding to a phospholipid, a class of lipids containing phosphoric acid as a mono- or diester, in the presence of calcium.
ceramide 1-phosphate binding  
lysophosphatidic acid binding  
phosphatidic acid binding  
phosphatidylcholine binding  
phosphatidylethanolamine binding  
phosphatidylglycerol binding +   
phosphatidylinositol binding +   
phosphatidylserine binding  

Definition Sources: GOC:jl

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