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isoprenoid binding +     
abscisic acid binding 
gibberellin binding 
juvenile hormone binding 
retinoid binding +   
Binding to a retinoid, a class of isoprenoids that contain or are derived from four prenyl groups linked head-to-tail. Retinoids include retinol and retinal and structurally similar natural derivatives or synthetic compounds, but need not have vitamin A activity.
xanthophyll binding 

Xrefs: reactome:R-HSA-2454113 "RBP3 transports 11cRAL to rod photoreceptor outer segment" ;   reactome:R-HSA-2464809 "RBP3 regulates the transport of atROL from ROS to RPE" ;   reactome:R-HSA-2465934 "11cROL translocates from Muller cells to cone photoreceptor cells" ;   reactome:R-HSA-2465938 "RBP3 regulates atROL taken up by Muller cells"
Only In Taxon: NCBITaxon:33208 ! Metazoa
Definition Sources: GOC:jl, ISBN:0198506732

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