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endoribonuclease activity (GO:0004521)
Annotations: Rat: (64) Mouse: (58) Human: (68) Chinchilla: (57) Bonobo: (61) Dog: (48) Squirrel: (2) Pig: (48)
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5'-hydroxyl dinucleotide hydrolase 
double-stranded RNA-specific ribonuclease activity +   
endodeoxyribonuclease activity +   
endonuclease activity, active with either ribo- or deoxyribonucleic acids and producing 3'-phosphomonoesters +   
endonuclease activity, active with either ribo- or deoxyribonucleic acids and producing 5'-phosphomonoesters +   
endoribonuclease activity +   
Catalysis of the hydrolysis of ester linkages within ribonucleic acid by creating internal breaks.
exoribonuclease activity +   
oligoribonucleotidase activity  
ribonuclease E activity  
ribonuclease G activity 
ribonuclease MRP activity  
ribonuclease R activity 
ribonuclease T1 activity 
tRNA-specific ribonuclease activity +   

Related Synonyms: endonuclease G activity
Xrefs: reactome:R-HSA-425923 "IRE1alpha hydrolyzes Xbp1 mRNA and Xbp1 mRNA is spliced" ;   reactome:R-HSA-426520 "Endonucleolytic RISC hydrolyzes target RNAs" ;   reactome:R-HSA-5601887 "PLD6 dimer cleaves primary piRNA transcript to pre-piRNA" ;   reactome:R-HSA-5601910 "Complexed PIWIL2:2'-O-methyl-piRNA cleaves transposon RNA" ;   reactome:R-HSA-6791223 "18SE pre-rRNA in pre-40S particles is nucleolytically processed during translocation from the nucleus to the cytosol" ;   reactome:R-HSA-6814555 "Integrator complex processes the 3' end of snRNA" ;   reactome:R-HSA-9009936 "RNASEL cleaves cellular ssRNA" ;   reactome:R-HSA-9009941 "RNASEL cleaves viral ssRNA" ;   reactome:R-HSA-9023909 "C3PO hydrolyzes cleaved passenger strand" ;   reactome:R-HSA-9023912 "AGO2 cleaves passenger strand of duplex siRNA" ;   reactome:R-HSA-927836 "SMG6 hydrolyzes mRNA with premature termination codon"
Definition Sources: GOC:mah, ISBN:0198547684

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