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RNA binding +     
21U-RNA binding 
7S RNA binding  
alpha-aminoacyl-tRNA binding 
AU-rich element binding +   
BRE binding  
C5-methylcytidine-containing RNA binding  
double-stranded RNA binding +   
G-quadruplex RNA binding  
GU repeat RNA binding 
histone pre-mRNA DCP binding  
long noncoding RNA binding  
misfolded RNA binding  
mRNA binding +   
Interacting selectively and non-covalently with messenger RNA (mRNA), an intermediate molecule between DNA and protein. mRNA includes UTR and coding sequences, but does not contain introns.
N6-methyladenosine-containing RNA binding  
pre-miRNA binding +   
pre-mRNA binding +   
primary miRNA binding  
pumilio-response element binding 
regulatory region RNA binding +   
regulatory RNA binding +   
ribonuclease P RNA binding  
RNA binding involved in posttranscriptional gene silencing +   
RNA cap binding +   
RNA modification guide activity +   
RNA stem-loop binding +   
rRNA binding +   
single-stranded RNA binding +   
snoRNA binding +   
snRNA binding +   
telomerase RNA binding  
telomeric repeat-containing RNA binding  
translation factor activity, RNA binding +   
tRNA binding +   

Narrow Synonyms: base pairing with mRNA
Alternate IDs: GO:0000499
Definition Sources: GOC:kmv, GOC:pr, SO:0000234

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