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apoptotic process involved in heart valve morphogenesis (GO:0003276)
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aortic valve morphogenesis +   
apoptotic process involved in atrial ventricular junction remodeling 
apoptotic process involved in endocardial cushion morphogenesis  
apoptotic process involved in heart valve morphogenesis 
Any apoptotic process that contributes to the shaping of a heart valve.
apoptotic process involved in outflow tract morphogenesis +   
atrioventricular valve morphogenesis +   
cell proliferation involved in heart valve morphogenesis +   
coronary sinus valve morphogenesis +   
heart valve formation +   
pulmonary valve morphogenesis +   
sinoatrial valve morphogenesis +   
ventriculo bulbo valve morphogenesis +  

Narrow Synonyms: apoptosis involved in heart valve morphogenesis
Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_apoptosis, GOC:mtg_heart

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