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myeloid leukocyte differentiation (GO:0002573)
Annotations: Rat: (235) Mouse: (254) Human: (255) Chinchilla: (213) Bonobo: (223) Dog: (230) Squirrel: (214) Pig: (227)
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erythrocyte differentiation +   
megakaryocyte differentiation +   
mononuclear cell differentiation +   
myeloid cell development +   
myeloid leukocyte differentiation +   
The process in which a relatively unspecialized myeloid precursor cell acquires the specialized features of any cell of the myeloid leukocyte lineage.
negative regulation of leukocyte differentiation +   
negative regulation of myeloid cell differentiation +   
platelet formation +   
positive regulation of leukocyte differentiation +   
positive regulation of myeloid cell differentiation +   
regulation of leukocyte differentiation +   
regulation of myeloid cell differentiation +   
thrombocyte differentiation 

Exact Synonyms: myeloid leucocyte differentiation
Definition Sources: GOC:add, PMID:16551251

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