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regulation of heart contraction involved in acute-phase response (GO:0002531)
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cardiac conduction +   
fever generation +   
negative regulation of heart contraction +   
positive regulation of heart contraction +   
regulation of cardiac conduction +   
regulation of cardiac muscle contraction +   
regulation of heart contraction involved in acute-phase response 
Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of heart contraction that contributes to the acute phase response. The acute phase response occurs during the early phases of an infection and is marked by changes in the production of plasma proteins such as C-reactive protein.
regulation of heart rate +   
regulation of systemic arterial blood pressure involved in acute-phase response 
regulation of the force of heart contraction +   

Related Synonyms: regulation of cardiac contraction during acute phase response ;   regulation of heart contraction during acute phase response
Definition Sources: GOC:jal, PMID:15642986, PMID:15834430

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