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cartilage morphogenesis +   
dorsal closure, amnioserosa morphology change 
ectodermal digestive tract development +   
embryonic heart tube development +   
endothelium development +   
epithelial cell differentiation +   
epithelium regeneration +   
fibrous ring of heart morphogenesis  
floor plate morphogenesis +   
ganglion morphogenesis +   
heart rudiment development +  
kidney epithelium development +   
lung epithelium development +   
mammary gland epithelium development +   
mesenchyme morphogenesis +   
mesoderm morphogenesis +   
morphogenesis of an epithelium +   
The process in which the anatomical structures of epithelia are generated and organized. An epithelium consists of closely packed cells arranged in one or more layers, that covers the outer surfaces of the body or lines any internal cavity or tube.
muscle tissue morphogenesis +   
neural plate development +   
neural tube development +   
optic vesicle morphogenesis +   
otic vesicle development +   
oviduct epithelium development +   
pericardium development +   
Peyer's patch morphogenesis  
renal capsule morphogenesis +   
renal tubule development +   
retinal pigment epithelium development  
seminal vesicle epithelium development +   
skin epidermis development +   
somite development +   
ureter urothelium development +   
urethra epithelium development 

Exact Synonyms: epithelium morphogenesis
Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:jl, GOC:tb, ISBN:0198506732

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