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adipose tissue development +   
animal organ maturation +   
animal organ morphogenesis +   
animal organ regeneration +   
animal organ senescence  
baculum development  
biomineral tissue development +   
bone development +   
brain development +   
carotid body glomus cell differentiation  
cartilage development +   
cervix development  
convergent extension involved in organogenesis +   
embryonic organ development +   
epididymis development  
esophagus development 
fat body development +  
fruit development +  
fungal sorus development 
gall bladder development  
ganglion development +   
genitalia development +   
gland development +   
gonad development +   
gonadal mesoderm development  
heart development +   
hematopoietic or lymphoid organ development +   
imaginal disc development +  
kidney development +   
labyrinthine layer blood vessel development  
labyrinthine layer development +   
larynx development +   
lung development +   
maintenance of animal organ identity +   
Malpighian tubule development +  
mesenchyme development +   
muscle organ development +   
ovarian follicle development +   
oviduct development +   
oviduct epithelium development +   
pancreas development +   
placenta development +   
The process whose specific outcome is the progression of the placenta over time, from its formation to the mature structure. The placenta is an organ of metabolic interchange between fetus and mother, partly of embryonic origin and partly of maternal origin.
plant-type ovary development +  
post-embryonic animal organ development +   
proboscis development +  
prostate gland development +   
prostate glandular acinus development +   
reproductive shoot system development +  
respiratory tube development +   
seed development +  
seminal vesicle development +   
seminal vesicle epithelium development +   
seminiferous tubule development  
sensory organ development +   
skin development +   
spinal cord development +   
spongiotrophoblast layer development +   
spore-bearing structure development +  
stomach development +   
swim bladder development +  
trachea development +   
ureter development +   
urethra development +  
urinary bladder development  
uterine gland development  
uterus development +   
vegetative to reproductive phase transition of meristem +  
ventral cord development 

Exact Synonyms: placental development ;   placentation
Only In Taxon: NCBITaxon:32525 ! Theria
Definition Sources: GOC:add, ISBN:068340007X

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