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complement activation, lectin pathway (GO:0001867)
Annotations: Rat: (14) Mouse: (12) Human: (13) Chinchilla: (10) Bonobo: (10) Dog: (11) Squirrel: (8) Pig: (11)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
activation of membrane attack complex +   
age-related resistance +  
antibacterial innate immune response  
antifungal innate immune response +   
antiviral innate immune response  
complement activation, alternative pathway +   
complement activation, classical pathway +   
complement activation, lectin pathway +   
Any process involved in the activation of any of the steps of the lectin pathway of the complement cascade which allows for the direct killing of microbes and the regulation of other immune processes.
hemolymph coagulation 
induced systemic resistance +   
innate immune response in mucosa  
innate immunity memory response +  
melanization defense response +  
natural killer cell mediated immunity +   
negative regulation of complement activation +   
negative regulation of innate immune response +   
plant-type hypersensitive response +  
positive regulation of complement activation +   
positive regulation of innate immune response +   
regulation of complement activation +   
regulation of innate immune response +   
response to interferon-gamma +   
response to type I interferon +   
response to type III interferon +   
RNAi-mediated antiviral immune response +  

Exact Synonyms: complement cascade, lectin pathway
Definition Sources: GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149

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