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compound eye morphogenesis (GO:0001745)
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Bolwig's organ morphogenesis 
camera-type eye morphogenesis +   
compound eye corneal lens development +  
compound eye morphogenesis +  
The morphogenetic process in which the anatomical structures of the compound eye are generated and organized. The adult compound eye is a precise assembly of 700-800 ommatidia. Each ommatidium is composed of 20 cells, identified by cell type and position. An example of compound eye morphogenesis is found in Drosophila melanogaster.
embryonic eye morphogenesis +   
eye photoreceptor cell differentiation +   
post-embryonic eye morphogenesis +   
regulation of R8 cell spacing in compound eye +  
retinal cell programmed cell death +   

Exact Synonyms: insect-type retina morphogenesis
Only In Taxon: NCBITaxon:6656 ! Arthropoda
Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:mtg_sensu

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