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endodermal cell fate commitment (GO:0001711)
Annotations: Rat: (15) Mouse: (15) Human: (15) Chinchilla: (13) Bonobo: (14) Dog: (15) Squirrel: (15) Pig: (15)
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ectodermal cell fate commitment +   
endodermal cell fate commitment +   
The cell differentiation process that results in commitment of a cell to become part of the endoderm.
mesodermal cell fate commitment +   
negative regulation of endodermal cell differentiation +   
positive regulation of endodermal cell differentiation  
regulation of endodermal cell differentiation +   
transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway involved in primary germ layer cell fate commitment +  

Exact Synonyms: endoderm cell fate commitment
Definition Sources: GOC:go_curators, ISBN:0878932437

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