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radial spoke +     
3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate dehydrogenase (lipoamide) complex 
3M complex  
ABIN2-NFKB1-MAP3K8 complex 
acetyl-CoA decarbonylase/synthase-carbon monoxide dehydrogenase complex 
actin cytoskeleton-regulatory complex 
activin complex +   
acyl-CoA ceramide synthase complex 
ADPG pyrophosphorylase complex +  
Aim21-Tda2 complex 
AIP1-IRE1 complex  
aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase multienzyme complex  
aminodeoxychorismate synthase complex 
amyloid-beta complex  
anaerobic ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase complex 
angiogenin-PRI complex  
AnxA2-p11 complex  
APC-IQGAP complex 
APC-IQGAP1-Cdc42 complex 
APC-IQGAP1-CLIP-170 complex 
APC-IQGAP1-Rac1 complex 
APC-tubulin-IQGAP1 complex 
apolipoprotein B mRNA editing enzyme complex  
Arp2/3 protein complex  
ASAP complex  
ASTRA complex  
ATPase inhibitor complex +  
ATR-ATRIP complex 
axonemal heterotrimeric kinesin-II complex 
axonemal nexin link 
B800-820 antenna complex 
B800-850 antenna complex 
B875 antenna complex 
Bcl-2 family protein complex +   
Bcl3-Bcl10 complex  
beta-catenin destruction complex  
BID-BCL-xl complex 
BLOC complex +   
BORC complex  
BRCA1-A complex  
BRCA1-B complex 
BRCA1-C complex 
BRCA1-Rad51 complex 
BRCA2-BRAF35 complex  
BRCA2-MAGE-D1 complex  
BRISC complex  
bub1-bub3 complex  
bursicon neuropeptide hormone complex 
CAF-1 complex  
CAK-ERCC2 complex  
calcium- and calmodulin-dependent protein kinase complex  
calprotectin complex 
cAMP-dependent protein kinase complex  
catalytic complex +   
catenin-TCF7L2 complex +   
Cbf1-Met4-Met28 complex 
CBF3 complex 
CBM complex  
Cbp3p-Cbp6 complex 
CCR4-NOT complex +   
CCR4-NOT core complex  
CD20-Lck-Fyn complex 
CD20-Lck-Lyn-Fyn complex 
Cdc24p-Far1p-Gbetagamma complex 
Cdc42 GTPase complex 
cell envelope Sec protein transport complex 
CENP-A recruiting complex 
CENP-T-W-S-X complex 
centralspindlin complex  
centriolar subdistal appendage  
chaperone complex +   
checkpoint clamp complex  
CHOP-ATF3 complex  
chromatin silencing complex +   
CIA complex  
ciliary centrin arm 
ciliary transition fiber  
citrate lyase complex 
classical-complement-pathway C3/C5 convertase complex 
CNTFR-CLCF1 complex  
CoA-synthesizing protein complex 
cohesin complex +   
collagen trimer +   
COMA complex 
complement component C1 complex  
complement component C1q complex 
condensed chromosome inner kinetochore +   
condensed chromosome outer kinetochore +   
condensin core heterodimer  
COP9 signalosome  
counting factor complex 
CRD-mediated mRNA stability complex  
CRLF-CLCF1 complex  
CSF1-CSF1R complex  
CSK-GAP-A.p62 complex 
Ctf18 RFC-like complex  
CUGBP1-eIF2 complex 
CURI complex  
Cvt complex 
cytochrome complex +   
cytosolic tRNA wobble base thiouridylase complex  
Dbf4-dependent protein kinase complex  
DBIRD complex  
DiaA complex 
divisome complex +  
DNA bending complex +  
DNA ligase III-XRCC1 complex  
DNA ligase IV complex  
DNA packaging complex +   
DNA polymerase III, clamp loader chi/psi subcomplex 
DNA polymerase III, clamp loader complex +  
DNA polymerase III, core complex +  
DNA polymerase III, proofreading complex 
DNA polymerase processivity factor complex +   
DNA recombinase mediator complex +   
DNA repair complex +   
DNA replication factor A complex  
DNA replication factor C complex +   
DNA replication factor C core complex 
DNA topoisomerase III-beta-TDRD3 complex 
DNA topoisomerase type II (double strand cut, ATP-hydrolyzing) complex +   
DnaB-DnaC complex 
Dom34-Hbs1 complex 
dosage compensation complex +  
DUBm complex  
Dxr protein complex 
E.F.G complex 
EARP complex  
EDS1 disease-resistance complex 
egasyn-beta-glucuronidase complex 
eisosome filament 
EKC/KEOPS complex  
Elongator holoenzyme complex  
endopeptidase Clp complex +   
endoplasmic reticulum chaperone complex  
enterobactin synthetase complex 
enzyme activator complex +   
ER membrane insertion complex +   
ESCRT complex +   
eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 complex  
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 complex  
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2B complex  
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 complex +   
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4F complex  
exomer complex 
exon-exon junction complex +   
extracellular exosome complex +  
F-actin capping protein complex +   
FAL1-SGD1 complex 
FANCM-MHF complex  
Fanconi anaemia nuclear complex  
fatty acid beta-oxidation multienzyme complex +   
fatty acid synthase complex 
ferritin complex +   
FHF complex  
fibrinogen complex  
filamentous actin  
formyl-methanofuran dehydrogenase (molybdenum enzyme) complex 
formyl-methanofuran dehydrogenase (tungsten enzyme) complex 
G-protein alpha(13)-synembrin complex 
G-protein alpha(i)1-synembrin complex 
G-protein alpha(o)-synembrin complex 
G-protein alpha(q)-synembrin complex 
G-protein beta/gamma-Btk complex 
G-protein beta/gamma-Raf-1 complex 
G-protein beta/gamma-subunit complex  
GAIT complex  
gamma-tubulin complex +   
GATA1-TAL1-TCF3-Lmo2 complex 
GATA2-TAL1-TCF3-Lmo2 complex 
GATOR1 complex  
GATOR2 complex  
Gemin3-Gemin4-Gemin5 complex 
Gemin6-Gemin7-unrip complex 
GET complex  
GID complex  
GLI-SUFU complex 
glucosidase II complex  
glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase complex  
glycoprotein complex +   
growth factor complex +   
Gtr1-Gtr2 GTPase complex  
guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor complex +   
guanylate cyclase complex, soluble  
H-NS-Hha complex 
haptoglobin-hemoglobin complex  
Hedgehog signaling complex 
hemidesmosome associated protein complex +  
hemoglobin complex  
HICS complex 
HIR complex  
histone mRNA stem-loop binding complex 
I-kappaB/NF-kappaB complex +   
IKKalpha-IKKalpha complex 
immunoglobulin complex +   
inflammasome complex +   
inhibin complex +   
integrator complex  
interferon regulatory factor complex +  
interleukin-12 complex  
interleukin-23 complex  
interleukin-27 complex 
interleukin-35 complex 
intraciliary transport particle +   
intraciliary transport particle A  
intraciliary transport particle B  
IRE1-RACK1-PP2A complex  
iron-sulfur cluster assembly complex +  
junctional membrane complex  
Kelch-containing formin regulatory complex 
Kibra-Ex-Mer complex 
KICSTOR complex  
Ku70:Ku80 complex  
L-cysteine desulfurase complex +   
laminin complex +   
large latent transforming growth factor-beta complex  
larval serum protein complex 
lateral cortical node 
Lid2 complex 
light-harvesting complex +  
LinE complex 
Lsd1/2 complex  
luminal surveillance complex 
lymphotoxin complex 
lysosomal multienzyme complex 
MAD1 complex 
MAML1-RBP-Jkappa- ICN1 complex  
MAML2-RBP-Jkappa-ICN1 complex 
MAML2-RBP-Jkappa-ICN2 complex 
MAML2-RBP-Jkappa-ICN3 complex 
MAML2-RBP-Jkappa-ICN4 complex 
MAML3-RBP-Jkappa-ICN1 complex 
MAML3-RBP-Jkappa-ICN2 complex 
MAML3-RBP-Jkappa-ICN3 complex 
MAML3-RBP-Jkappa-ICN4 complex 
matrilin complex 
MCM complex +   
MCM core complex 
mCRD-mediated mRNA stability complex 
Mcs4 RR-MAPKKK complex 
MECO complex 
mediator complex  
meiotic recombination initiation complex 
membrane fusion priming complex 
membrane protein complex +   
metallochaperone complex +  
methionyl glutamyl tRNA synthetase complex 
methyl accepting chemotaxis protein complex 
methyl-tetrahydromethanopterin:coenzyme M methyltransferase complex 
microtubule associated complex +   
MIH complex 
MIS12/MIND type complex +   
Mis6-Sim4 complex  
mitochondrial iron-sulfur cluster assembly complex 
mitochondrial protein complex +   
mitotic checkpoint complex +   
mitotic checkpoint complex, CDC20-MAD2 subcomplex 
mitotic spindle assembly checkpoint MAD1-MAD2 complex 
MKS complex  
MMXD complex  
molybdopterin synthase complex  
Mon1-Ccz1 complex  
monopolin complex 
Mpp10 complex  
Mre11 complex  
mRNA cleavage factor complex +   
mRNA editing complex +   
muscle thin filament tropomyosin  
MutSgamma complex 
MWP complex  
Myb complex  
Myo2p-Vac17p-Vac8p transport complex 
myosin complex +   
NAD(P)+ transhydrogenase complex (AB-specific) 
nascent polypeptide-associated complex  
Ndc80 complex  
NF-kappaB complex +   
NHE3/E3KARP/ACTN4 complex 
Nicalin-NOMO complex 
nitrite reductase complex [NAD(P)H] 
NMS complex +   
Noc complex +   
NOS2-CD74 complex  
NPHP complex 
Nrd1 complex 
Nsk1-Dlc1 complex 
nuclear exosome targeting complex 
nuclear pore +   
nuclear pore central transport channel  
nuclear pore cytoplasmic filaments  
nuclear pore inner ring  
nuclear pore linkers 
nuclear pore nuclear basket  
nuclear pore outer ring  
nuclear pore transmembrane ring  
nuclear RNA export factor complex  
nucleocytoplasmic transport complex +   
nucleosome disassembly/reassembly complex 
nucleotide-excision repair, DNA damage recognition complex +  
NURS complex 
NVT complex 
origin recognition complex +   
ornithine carbamoyltransferase inhibitor complex 
outer dynein arm docking complex  
P-TEFb-cap methyltransferase complex 
PAN complex  
Par3-APC-KIF3A complex 
paraferritin complex  
PcG protein complex +   
PCNA-p21 complex  
PCSK9-AnxA2 complex  
PCSK9-LDLR complex  
PDX1-PBX1b-MRG1 complex 
PeBoW complex  
peptidase inhibitor complex +   
PET complex  
Pex17p-Pex14p docking complex +   
phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent sugar phosphotransferase complex 
pituitary gonadotropin complex +   
polarisome +  
polycystin complex  
polyketide synthase complex +  
prefoldin complex  
procentriole replication complex 
proteasome accessory complex +   
proteasome activator complex  
proteasome core complex +   
proteasome core complex, alpha-subunit complex +   
proteasome core complex, beta-subunit complex +   
proteasome regulatory particle +   
proteasome regulatory particle, base subcomplex +   
proteasome regulatory particle, lid subcomplex +   
proteasome-activating nucleotidase complex 
protein complex involved in cell adhesion +   
protein kinase CK2 complex  
protein phosphatase inhibitor complex 
protein-carbohydrate complex +  
protein-DNA complex +   
protein-DNA-RNA complex +  
protein-lipid complex +   
protein-lipid-RNA complex +  
Prp19 complex  
PTEX complex 
Pwp2p-containing subcomplex of 90S preribosome  
PYM-mago-Y14 complex 
pyrophosphate-dependent phosphofructokinase complex +  
pyrophosphate-dependent phosphofructokinase complex, alpha-subunit complex 
pyrophosphate-dependent phosphofructokinase complex, beta-subunit complex 
pyroptosome complex 
R2TP complex  
Rad17 RFC-like complex  
radial spoke +   
radial spoke head  
radial spoke stalk  
Globular portion of the radial spoke that projects towards the central pair of microtubules.
raps-insc complex 
Ras guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor complex 
RasGAP-Fyn-Lyn-Yes complex 
RAVE complex  
RC-1 DNA recombination complex 
RCAF complex 
receptor complex +   
RecFOR complex 
RecQ family helicase-topoisomerase III complex  
reelin complex 
replication fork protection complex  
replication inhibiting complex +  
RES complex  
RGS6-DNMT1-DMAP1 complex 
Rhino-Deadlock-Cutoff Complex 
ribonuclease H2 complex  
ribonucleoprotein complex +   
Rix1 complex  
RNA cap binding complex +   
RPAP3/R2TP/prefoldin-like complex 
RPB4-RPB7 complex 
RQC complex  
Rvs161p-Rvs167p complex 
RZZ complex  
S100A8 complex 
SCAR complex  
Scrib-APC complex 
Scrib-APC-beta-catenin complex  
Seh1-associated complex +   
septin complex +   
Sid2-Mob1 complex 
single-stranded DNA-binding protein complex 
Ski complex  
SLAC complex 
Slx1-Slx4 complex  
Sm-like protein family complex +   
SMAD protein complex +   
SMC loading complex +   
SOD1-Bcl-2 complex 
SOD1-calcineurin complex 
SOSS complex  
sperm individualization complex +  
SsuD-SsuE complex 
Ste12p-Dig1p-Dig2p complex 
stereocilia ankle link complex  
steroid hormone aporeceptor complex  
subcortical maternal complex 
sulfite reductase complex (NADPH) 
sumoylated E2 ligase complex  
survivin complex 
Swi5-Swi2 complex 
Syp1 complex 
t-UTP complex  
TACC/TOG complex 
TAM protein secretion complex 
TBK1-IKKE-DDX3 complex 
TCR signalosome  
TEAD-2 multiprotein complex 
Tec1p-Ste12p-Dig1p complex 
THO complex +   
thrombospondin complex 
titin-telethonin complex 
TOC-TIC supercomplex I 
TOR complex +   
Tor2-Mei2-Ste11 complex 
TRAF2-GSTP1 complex  
TRAMP complex  
trans-synaptic protein complex 
transcription elongation factor complex +   
transcription export complex +   
transcription export complex 2  
transcription regulator complex +   
transforming growth factor beta activated kinase 1 complex 
transforming growth factor beta complex 
translation release factor complex  
translation repressor complex +  
transporter complex +   
tricarboxylic acid cycle enzyme complex +   
tRNA-splicing ligase complex  
troponin complex +   
TSC1-TSC2 complex  
TTT complex 
tubulin complex  
tubulin folding cofactor complex 
tubulobulbar complex +   
type I protein secretion system complex 
type II protein secretion system complex 
type III protein secretion system complex 
type IV secretion system complex 
type V protein secretion system complex 
type VI protein secretion system complex 
U2AF complex  
ubiquinone biosynthesis complex 
Ubp3-Bre5 deubiquitination complex 
UFD1-NPL4 complex  
USH2 complex  
UTP-C complex  
VCP-NSFL1C complex  
vesicle tethering complex +   
viral integration complex 
viral portal complex 
viral scaffold 
viral terminase complex +  
viral terminase, small subunit 
viral transcriptional complex 
Vma12-Vma22 assembly complex 
VRK3/VHR/ERK complex 
WASH complex  
Wnt signalosome  
Y-shaped link 
Yae1-Lto1 complex 
zona pellucida receptor complex  

Definition Sources: GOC:hjd

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