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septum digestion after cytokinesis (GO:0000920)
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cell division +     
cellular process +     
actin filament-based process +   
anticlinal cell division 
asymmetric cell division +   
cell activation +   
cell adhesion molecule production +   
cell budding +  
cell communication +   
cell competition in a multicellular organism  
cell cycle +   
cell cycle checkpoint +   
cell cycle process +   
cell death +   
cell division +   
cell growth +   
cell recognition +   
cell wall organization or biogenesis +   
cell-cell fusion +   
cellular component organization +   
cellular detoxification +   
cellular developmental process +   
cellular homeostasis +   
cellular metabolic process +   
cellular pigmentation +   
cellular process involved in reproduction in multicellular organism +   
cellular response to stimulus +   
chromosome segregation +   
contact inhibition +   
cytokinesis +   
cytolysis +   
DNA clamp unloading  
embryonic cleavage  
ensheathment of neurons +   
epidermal cell division +   
establishment or maintenance of cell polarity +   
establishment or maintenance of cell type involved in phenotypic switching 
execution phase of apoptosis +   
execution phase of necroptosis 
exocytic process +   
export from cell +   
forebrain ventricular zone progenitor cell division +   
gene silencing +   
glioblast division +  
growth plate cartilage chondrocyte division +  
intercellular transport +   
intermediate filament-based process +   
light absorption +   
maintenance of location in cell +   
membrane docking +   
microtubule-based process +   
movement of cell or subcellular component +   
multi-organism cellular process +   
myoblast division 
negative regulation of cell division +   
negative regulation of cellular process +   
periclinal cell division 
phenotypic switching +   
plasmid maintenance +  
positive regulation of cell division +   
positive regulation of cellular process +   
process utilizing autophagic mechanism +   
protein folding +   
protein unfolding  
radial glial cell division in pallium 
regulation of cell division +   
regulation of cellular process +   
RNA folding +   
septum digestion after cytokinesis +  
The process of physically separating the septal cell wall material by enzymatic digestion, that occurs after daughter cells are separated by cytokinesis.
signal maturation +   
signal transduction +   
spermatocyte division  
spermatogonial cell division  
stem cell division +   
stomatal movement +  
symmetric cell division +   
syncytial embryo cellularization 
syncytium formation +   
transposition +   
vesicle targeting +   

Exact Synonyms: cell separation following cytokinesis ;   mitotic cytokinetic cell separation
Related Synonyms: cell separation after cytokinesis ;   cytokinetic cell separation ;   daughter cell separation
Alternate IDs: GO:1902409 ;   GO:2000695
Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_cell_cycle, GOC:vw

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