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chromosome +     
chromatin +   
chromosomal region +   
cohesin complex +   
condensed chromosome +   
A highly compacted molecule of DNA and associated proteins resulting in a cytologically distinct structure.
condensin complex  
Ctf18 RFC-like complex  
DNA replication termination region 
Elg1 RFC-like complex  
Lsd1/2 complex 
mitochondrial chromosome 
nuclear chromosome +   
origin recognition complex +   
plastid chromosome +  
polytene chromosome +   
Rad17 RFC-like complex  
RecFOR complex 
RecQ family helicase-topoisomerase III complex  
replication fork +   
sex chromosome +   
site of DNA damage +   

Related Synonyms: cytoplasmic mitotic chromosome ;   metaphase chromosome ;   mitotic chromosome
Definition Sources: GOC:elh

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