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adaptation to pheromone regulating conjugation with mutual genetic exchange (GO:0000760)
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adaptation to pheromone regulating conjugation with mutual genetic exchange 
In organisms that undergo conjugation without cellular fusion, the process resulting in desensitization following exposure to pheromone stimulus that act to down-regulate further stimulation or block initial conjugation responses.
agglutination involved in conjugation with mutual genetic exchange 
desensitization of G protein-coupled receptor signaling pathway +   
negative adaptation of signaling pathway by response to pheromone involved in pheromone-induced unidirectional conjugation 
negative regulation of conjugation +  
peptide pheromone export involved in regulation of conjugation +  
positive regulation of conjugation +  
regulation of conjugation with cellular fusion +  

Exact Synonyms: desensitization to pheromone during conjugation without cellular fusion
Related Synonyms: adaptation to pheromone involved conjugation without cellular fusion
Definition Sources: GOC:clt

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