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organelle fusion +     
female pronucleus assembly  
karyogamy +   
The creation of a single nucleus from multiple nuclei as a result of fusing the lipid bilayers that surround each nuclei.
lipid tube assembly involved in organelle fusion  
macronucleus organization 
male pronucleus assembly +   
micronucleus organization 
mitochondrial fusion +   
nuclear body organization +   
nuclear envelope organization +   
nuclear matrix organization +   
nuclear pore localization  
nuclear pore organization +   
nucleolus organization +   
nucleus disassembly 
organelle membrane fusion +   
regulation of nucleus organization +   
spermatid nucleus differentiation +   
spermatid nucleus elongation  
synaptic vesicle to endosome fusion +   
vacuole fusion +   

Exact Synonyms: nuclear fusion ;   nuclear fusion during karyogamy
Alternate IDs: GO:0007335
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Karyogamy
Definition Sources: GOC:elh

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