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orbital disease +     
acute orbital inflammation +  
chronic orbital inflammation +  
constant exophthalmos 
endocrine exophthalmos +  
exophthalmos +   
Abnormal protrusion of both eyes; may be caused by endocrine gland malfunction, malignancy, injury, or paralysis of the extrinsic muscles of the eye.
intermittent proptosis 
lateral displacement of eye 
orbital cellulitis 
orbital cyst 
Orbital Myositis 
Orbital Neoplasms +  
orbital plasma cell granuloma 
Pott Puffy Tumor 
pulsating exophthalmos 
Retrobulbar Hemorrhage 

Exact Synonyms: Proptoses ;   Proptosis
Primary IDs: MESH:D005094 ;   RDO:0000279
Xrefs: ICD10CM:H05.20 ;   ICD9CM:376.30 ;   NCI:C118763 ;   NCI:C87114
Definition Sources: "DO", MESH:D005094

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