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neuropathy +     
agenesis of the corpus callosum with peripheral neuropathy  
autonomic peripheral neuropathy 
Autosomal Recessive Peripheral Neuropathy with or without Impaired Intellectual Development  
axonal neuropathy +   
blue toe syndrome 
brachial plexus neuropathy +   
Cerebellar Ataxia, Neuropathy, and Vestibular Areflexia Syndrome  
cranial nerve disease +   
diabetic angiopathy +   
diabetic neuropathy +   
A peripheral arterial disease that is characterized by the triad of ERYTHEMA, burning PAIN, and increased SKIN TEMPERATURE of the extremities (or red, painful extremities). Erythromelalgia may be classified as primary or idiopathic, familial or non-familial. Secondary erythromelalgia is associated with other diseases, the most common being MYELOPROLIFERATIVE DISORDERS.
familial episodic pain syndrome +   
Hereditary Motor Neuropathy with Myopathic Features  
hereditary sensory neuropathy +   
inflammatory and toxic neuropathy +   
ischemic neuropathy 
Livedo Reticularis +   
May-Thurner Syndrome 
mesenteric vascular occlusion  
mononeuropathy +   
motor peripheral neuropathy +   
neuritis +   
neuromuscular disease +   
Neuropathy, with Paraprotein in Serum, Cerebrospinal Fluid and Urine 
peripheral artery disease +   
phlebitis +   
priapism +   
Raynaud disease +   
renal artery disease +   
retinal vascular occlusion +   
sensory peripheral neuropathy  
telangiectasis +   
thromboangiitis obliterans  
Urethral Obstruction Sequence 

Exact Synonyms: Erythermalgia ;   Erythromelalgias ;   erythermalgias
Narrow Synonyms: ERYTHROMELALGIA, FAMILIAL NEUROPATHY, SMALL FIBER ;   Familial Erythromelalgia ;   INHERITED ERYTHROMELALGIA ;   Primary Erythermalgia ;   Primary Erythermalgias ;   SFNP ;   acute episodes of neuropathic symptoms ;   primary erythromelalgia ;   sodium channelopathy-related small fiber neuropathy
Primary IDs: MESH:D004916
Alternate IDs: OMIM:133020
Xrefs: GARD:6377 ;   ICD10CM:I73.81 ;   ICD9CM:443.82 ;   NCI:C125383 ;   NCI:C34593
Definition Sources: "DO" "DO", "DO" "DO", "DO" "DO", MESH:D004916

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