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Brain Concussion +   
A nonspecific term used to describe transient alterations or loss of consciousness following closed head injuries. The duration of UNCONSCIOUSNESS generally lasts a few seconds, but may persist for several hours. Concussions may be classified as mild, intermediate, and severe. Prolonged periods of unconsciousness (often defined as greater than 6 hours in duration) may be referred to as post-traumatic coma (COMA, POST-HEAD INJURY). (From Rowland, Merritt's Textbook of Neurology, 9th ed, p418)
Brain Contusion  
Brain Hemorrhage, Traumatic +  
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy 

Exact Synonyms: Brain Concussions ;   Cerebral Concussion ;   Cerebral Concussions ;   Commotio Cerebri ;   Intermediate Concussion ;   Intermediate Concussions ;   Mild Concussion ;   Mild Concussions ;   Mild Traumatic Brain Injury ;   Severe Concussion ;   Severe Concussions
Primary IDs: MESH:D001924 ;   RDO:0005052
Definition Sources: MESH:D001924

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