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Fasciculation +   
Muscle Cramp +   
Muscle Hypertonia +   
Abnormal increase in skeletal or smooth muscle tone. Skeletal muscle hypertonicity may be associated with PYRAMIDAL TRACT lesions or BASAL GANGLIA DISEASES.
Muscle Hypotonia +   
Muscle Weakness +   
muscular atrophy +   
Myokymia +   
Myotonia +   
Spasm +   

Exact Synonyms: Detrusor Muscle Hypertonia ;   Detrusor Muscle Hypertonias ;   Hypermyotonia ;   Hypermyotonias ;   Infantile Hypertonia ;   Infantile Hypertonias ;   Muscle Hypertonias ;   Muscle Tone Increased ;   Muscular Hypertonicities ;   Muscular Hypertonicity ;   Neonatal Hypertonia ;   Neonatal Hypertonias ;   Sphincter Hypertonia ;   Sphincter Hypertonias ;   Transient Hypertonia ;   Transient Hypertonias
Narrow Synonyms: EFS ;   episodic falling syndrome ;   paroxysmal hypertonicity disorder
Primary IDs: MESH:D009122 ;   RDO:0006156
Alternate IDs: OMIA:001592
Definition Sources: MESH:D009122

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