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Mastocytosis, Cutaneous, with Short Stature, Conductive Hearing Loss and Microtia (DOID:9008697)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
Abruzzo-Erickson syndrome  
CHIME syndrome  
Cleft Palate, Deafness, and Oligodontia 
Cochlear Deafness with Myopia and Intellectual Impairment 
Conductive Deafness with Malformed External Ear 
Conductive Stapedial Deafness with Ear Malformation and Facial Palsy 
Congenital Deafness with Inner Ear Agenesis, Microtia, and Microdontia  
Deafness Conductive Ptosis Skeletal Anomalies 
Diamond-Blackfan Anemia with Microtia and Cleft Palate 
diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis 
GOMBO Syndrome 
hypertelorism, microtia, facial clefting syndrome 
Isotretinoin Embryopathy Like Syndrome 
Mastocytosis, Cutaneous, with Short Stature, Conductive Hearing Loss and Microtia 
Meier-Gorlin syndrome +   
Mengel Konigsmark Syndrome 
Metaphyseal Dysostosis, Mental Retardation, and Conductive Deafness 
Microtia with Nasolacrimal Duct Imperforation and Eye Coloboma 
Microtia, Hearing Impairment, and Cleft Palate  
Microtia, Meatal Atresia and Conductive Deafness 
Mitral Regurgitation, Conductive Deafness, and Fusion of Cervical Vertebrae and of Carpal and Tarsal Bones  
multiple epiphyseal dysplasia with myopia and deafness  
Neural Deafness with Atypical Atopic Dermatitis 
Progressive Deafness with Stapes Fixation 
Retinitis Pigmentosa, Deafness, Mental Retardation, and Hypogonadism 
Schweitzer Kemink Graham Syndrome 
Siegler Brewer Carey Syndrome 
solitary mastocytoma of the skin 
Stoll Levy Francfort Syndrome 
urticaria pigmentosa  
X-linked deafness 2  

Primary IDs: MESH:C536033 ;   RDO:0001447

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