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Fistula +     
mouth disease +     
alveolar periostitis 
Behcet's disease  
burning mouth syndrome +  
Cutaneous Fistula 
Digestive System Fistula +   
Edentulous Mouth +   
facial hemiatrophy 
facial nerve disease +   
focal epithelial hyperplasia 
Hemifacial Spasm +   
herpangina +   
Lachiewicz Sibley Syndrome 
lip disease +   
Ludwig's angina 
Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome 
Mouth Abnormalities +   
Mouth Neoplasms +   
mucocele of salivary gland 
noma +  
oral candidiasis  
oral cavity carcinoma in situ +   
Oral Fistula +  
An abnormal passage within the mouth communicating between two or more anatomical structures.
oral hairy leukoplakia 
Oral Hemorrhage +   
oral leukoedema 
Oral Lichen Planus  
Oral Manifestations +   
oral mucosa leukoplakia +   
oral submucous fibrosis  
oral tuberculosis 
Oral Ulcer  
Orofacial Granulomatosis 
periodontal disease +   
Respiratory Tract Fistula +   
salivary gland disease +   
stomatitis +   
tongue disease +   
tooth disease +   
Trichomonas tenax trichomoniasis 
Urinary Fistula +  
Vaginal Fistula +  
Vascular Fistula +   
Zuska's Disease 

Exact Synonyms: Oral Fistulas
Primary IDs: MESH:D016155 ;   RDO:0005330
Definition Sources: MESH:D016155

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