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Hemorrhagic Septicemia (DOID:9007724)
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Bacteremia +     
pasteurellosis +     
Flavimonas Oryzihabitans Bacteremia 
Hemorrhagic Septicemia 
Any of several bacterial diseases, usually caused by PASTEURELLA MULTOCIDA, marked by the presence of hemorrhagic areas in the subcutaneous tissues, serous membranes, muscles, lymph glands, and throughout the internal organs. The diseases primarily affect animals and rarely humans.

Exact Synonyms: Haemorrhagic Bacteremia ;   Haemorrhagic Septicaemia ;   Haemorrhagic Septicemia ;   Hemorrhagic Bacteremia ;   Hemorrhagic Septicaemia
Primary IDs: MESH:D006483 ;   RDO:0005769
Definition Sources: MESH:D006483

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