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hypospadias +     
Anal Atresia, Hypospadias, and Penoscrotal Inversion  
Guttmacher syndrome  
Hypospadias 1, X-Linked  
Hypospadias 2, X-Linked  
Hypospadias 3, Autosomal 
Hypospadias 4 
Hypospadias, Hypertelorism, Upper Lid Coloboma, and Mixed-Type Hearing Loss 
Hypospadias-Mental Retardation Syndrome 
Naguib-Richieri-Costa Syndrome 
Opitz GBBB syndrome  
Pseudovaginal Perineoscrotal Hypospadias  
Radial Hypoplasia, Triphalangeal Thumbs and Hypospadias 
Radius Absent Anogenital Anomalies 
scalp-ear-nipple syndrome  
Schilbach-Rott Syndrome 
Stratton-Parker Syndrome 

Exact Synonyms: HYSP3
Primary IDs: MESH:C567191
Alternate IDs: MIM:146450

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