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46, XX Testicular Disorders of Sex Development (DOID:9007327)
Annotations: Rat: (4) Mouse: (4) Human: (4) Chinchilla: (3) Bonobo: (3) Dog: (3) Squirrel: (3) Pig: (4)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
46 XX gonadal dysgenesis +   
46, XX Testicular Disorders of Sex Development +   
Congenital conditions in individuals in which male GONADS develop in a genetic female (female to male sex reversal).
aromatase excess syndrome  
cortisone reductase deficiency +   
Female Pseudohermaphroditism with Skeletal Anomalies 
hyperandrogenism +   
Michels Caskey Syndrome 
Mullerian Aplasia  

Exact Synonyms: 46, XX Gonadal Sex Reversal ;   46, XX Testicular DSD ;   46, XX Testicular Disorder of Sex Development ;   XX Male Syndrome ;   XX Male Syndromes ;   XX Sex Reversal ;   XX Sex Reversals ;   XX testicular DSD ;   XX testicular DSD (Disorder of Sexual Development) ;   XXSR
Primary IDs: MESH:D058531 ;   RDO:0007835
Alternate IDs: OMIA:000901
Definition Sources: MESH:D058531

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