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dermatomycosis +     
chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis +   
cutaneous candidiasis 
dermatophytosis +  
eumycotic mycetoma  
Hyalohyphomycosis +   
OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS caused by a heterogeneous group of MITOSPORIC FUNGI with clear (hyalo-) HYPHAE in the host. Common causative agents include ACREMONIUM; ASPERGILLUS; CHRYSOSPORIUM; FUSARIUM; PAECILOMYCES; PENICILLIUM; PSEUDALLESCHERIA; SCEDOSPORIUM; and SCOPULARIOPSIS. Normally a dermatomycoses, it can become invasive in the IMMUNOCOMPROMISED HOST.
pityriasis versicolor 
subcutaneous mycosis +   
tinea corporis +  
tinea manuum 

Exact Synonyms: Cutaneous Hyalohyphomycoses ;   Cutaneous Hyalohyphomycosis ;   Disseminated Hyalohyphomycoses ;   Disseminated Hyalohyphomycosis ;   Hyalohyphomycoses ;   Invasive Hyalohyphomycoses ;   Invasive Hyalohyphomycosis ;   Pulmonary Hyalohyphomycoses ;   Pulmonary Hyalohyphomycosis ;   Splenic Hyalohyphomycoses ;   Splenic Hyalohyphomycosis ;   Subcutaneous Hyalohyphomycoses ;   Subcutaneous Hyalohyphomycosis
Primary IDs: MESH:D060605 ;   RDO:0009993
Definition Sources: MESH:D060605

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