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afferent loop syndrome 
Anastomotic Leak  
Breakdown of the connection and subsequent leakage of effluent (fluids, secretions, air) from a SURGICAL ANASTOMOSIS of the digestive, respiratory, genitourinary, and cardiovascular systems. Most common leakages are from the breakdown of suture lines in gastrointestinal or bowel anastomosis.
Breast Cancer Lymphedema +  
Corneal Endothelial Cell Loss 
Coronary-Subclavian Steal Syndrome 
Delayed Emergence from Anesthesia  
Emergence Delirium 
Failed Back Surgery Syndrome 
Gas Bloat Syndrome 
Graft Occlusion, Vascular  
Incisional Hernia 
malignant hyperthermia +   
Pain, Postoperative +   
postcholecystectomy syndrome 
postgastrectomy syndrome +  
Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation  
Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction  
Postoperative Hemorrhage +  
Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting 
Postpericardiotomy Syndrome 
Prosthesis Failure +  
Prosthesis-Related Infections 
Reperfusion Injury +   
Shock, Surgical 
short bowel syndrome  
Slit Ventricle Syndrome 
Surgical Wound Dehiscence  
Surgical Wound Infection  

Exact Synonyms: Anastomotic Leakage ;   Anastomotic Leakages ;   Anastomotic Leaks
Primary IDs: MESH:D057868 ;   RDO:0007800
Definition Sources: MESH:D057868

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