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Brain Neoplasms +     
brain cancer +   
Brain Neoplasms, Radiation-Induced 
central neurocytoma 
Cerebral Sarcoma 
Cerebral Ventricle Neoplasms +   
Cerebroretinal Microangiopathy with Calcifications and Cysts +   
Desmoplastic Cerebral Astrocytoma of Infancy 
Diffuse Corticomeningeal Angiomatosis of Divry and Van Bogaert 
Familial Capillaro-Venous Leptomeningeal Angiomatosis 
Infratentorial Neoplasms +   
low grade glioma +   
mismatch repair cancer syndrome +   
Pascual Castroviejo Syndrome 
Pinealoma +   
Supratentorial Neoplasms +   
Primary and metastatic (secondary) tumors of the brain located above the tentorium cerebelli, a fold of dura mater separating the CEREBELLUM and BRAIN STEM from the cerebral hemispheres and DIENCEPHALON (i.e., THALAMUS and HYPOTHALAMUS and related structures). In adults, primary neoplasms tend to arise in the supratentorial compartment, whereas in children they occur more frequently in the infratentorial space. Clinical manifestations vary with the location of the lesion, but SEIZURES; APHASIA; HEMIANOPSIA; hemiparesis; and sensory deficits are relatively common features. Metastatic supratentorial neoplasms are frequently multiple at the time of presentation.

Exact Synonyms: Benign Supratentorial Neoplasm ;   Benign Supratentorial Neoplasms ;   Malignant Supratentorial Neoplasm ;   Malignant Supratentorial Neoplasms ;   Primary Supratentorial Neoplasm ;   Primary Supratentorial Neoplasms ;   Supratentorial Neoplasm ;   Supratentorial Tumor ;   Supratentorial Tumors
Primary IDs: MESH:D015173
Alternate IDs: RDO:0005871
Definition Sources: MESH:D015173

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