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Urinary Bladder Reperfusion Injury (DOID:9005932)
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bladder disease +     
Reperfusion Injury +     
bladder calculus +   
bladder diverticulum +   
bladder exstrophy  
bladder neck obstruction  
bladder tuberculosis 
Chronic Allograft Dysfunction +   
congenital megabladder  
cystinuria +   
cystitis +   
Cystocele +  
detrusor sphincter dyssynergia 
Diabetic Cystopathy  
female stress incontinence  
Gastric Reperfusion Injury  
Intestinal Reperfusion Injury  
Kidney Reperfusion Injury +   
Liver Reperfusion Injury  
low compliance bladder 
Lung Reperfusion Injury +   
Myocardial Reperfusion Injury  
neurogenic bladder +   
Ovary Reperfusion Injury  
Overactive Urinary Bladder  
Panic Disorder with Bladder Conditions 
pelvic lipomatosis 
Primary Graft Dysfunction  
Retina Reperfusion Injury  
Skeletal Muscle Reperfusion Injury  
Spinal Cord Reperfusion Injury  
Testis Reperfusion Injury  
transient cerebral ischemia +   
Urinary Bladder Fistula +  
Urinary Bladder Neoplasm +   
Urinary Bladder Reperfusion Injury  
Adverse functional, metabolic, or structural changes in ischemic tissues resulting from the restoration of blood flow to the urinary bladder, including swelling; hemorrhage; necrosis; and damage from free radicals.
urinary schistosomiasis  
vesicoureteral reflux +   

Related Synonyms: bladder reperfusion injury

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