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Nevus +     
Becker Nevus Syndrome 
CLOVES syndrome  
Connective Tissue Nevus 
dysplastic nevus syndrome +   
epidermal nevus +   
linear nevus sebaceous syndrome +   
Nevus Comedonicus  
Nevus, Halo 
Nevus, Intradermal 
Pigmented Nevus +   
A nevus containing melanin. The term is usually restricted to nevocytic nevi (round or oval collections of melanin-containing nevus cells occurring at the dermoepidermal junction of the skin or in the dermis proper) or moles, but may be applied to other pigmented nevi.

Exact Synonyms: Melanocytic Nevi ;   Melanocytic Nevus ;   Pigmented Moles ;   Pigmented Nevi
Primary IDs: MESH:D009508
Alternate IDs: RDO:0002017
Definition Sources: MESH:D009508

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