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Post-Exercise Hypotension (DOID:9004717)
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Hypotension +     
Irritable Heart 
Orthostatic Hypotension +   
Post-Exercise Hypotension 
Transient reduction in blood pressure levels immediately after exercises that lasts 2-12 hours. The reduction varies but is typically 5-20 mm Hg when compared to pre-exercise levels. It exists both in normotensive and hypertensive individuals and may play a role in excercise related PHYSIOLOGIC ADAPTATION.
postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome  
Shy-Drager Syndrome  
Vasovagal Syncope +   

Exact Synonyms: Post Exercise Hypotensions ;   Postexercise Hypotension ;   Postexercise Hypotensions
Primary IDs: MESH:D057774 ;   RDO:0007795
Definition Sources: MESH:D057774

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