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Liver Failure +     
Acute Liver Failure +   
A form of rapid-onset LIVER FAILURE, also known as fulminant hepatic failure, caused by severe liver injury or massive loss of HEPATOCYTES. It is characterized by sudden development of liver dysfunction and JAUNDICE. Acute liver failure may progress to exhibit cerebral dysfunction even HEPATIC COMA depending on the etiology that includes hepatic ISCHEMIA, drug toxicity, malignant infiltration, and viral hepatitis such as post-transfusion HEPATITIS B and HEPATITIS C.
End Stage Liver Disease  
hepatic encephalopathy +   

Exact Synonyms: Acute Hepatic Failure ;   Fulminant Hepatic Failure ;   Fulminant Hepatic Failures ;   Fulminant Liver Failure ;   Fulminant Liver Failures ;   Fulminating Hepatic Failure ;   Fulminating Hepatic Failures ;   Fulminating Liver Failure ;   Fulminating Liver Failures ;   acute liver injury
Narrow Synonyms: Recurrent Acute Liver Failure
Primary IDs: MESH:D017114
Alternate IDs: RDO:0000601
Definition Sources: MESH:D017114

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