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Ovarian Dysgenesis (DOID:9004526)
Annotations: Rat: (9) Mouse: (9) Human: (9) Chinchilla: (9) Bonobo: (9) Dog: (9) Squirrel: (8) Pig: (9)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
gonadal dysgenesis +     
ovarian disease +     
46 XX gonadal dysgenesis +   
46 XY gonadal dysgenesis +   
Acromesomelic Dysplasia, Demirhan Type  
Dosage-Sensitive Sex Reversal  
endometriosis of ovary 
Immunodeficiency, Gonadal Dysgenesis, and Pulmonary Fibrosis 
Kennerknecht Sorgo Oberhoffer Syndrome 
leukoencephalopathy with vanishing white matter  
Malouf Syndrome  
mixed gonadal dysgenesis 
oophoritis +  
ovarian cyst +   
ovarian dysfunction +   
Ovarian Dysgenesis +   
ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome  
Ovarian Neoplasms +   
ovarian stromal hyperthecosis 
Ovary Reperfusion Injury  
Perrault syndrome +   
premature menopause +   
premature ovarian failure +   
Progressive Leukoencephalopathy, with Ovarian Failure  
Sexual Infantilism  
tuberculous oophoritis 
Turner syndrome +   

Primary IDs: OMIM:PS233300

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