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Bacterial Infections and Mycoses (DOID:9004384)
Annotations: Rat: (703) Mouse: (684) Human: (700) Chinchilla: (594) Bonobo: (642) Dog: (645) Squirrel: (603) Pig: (645)
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Bacterial Infections and Mycoses +   
Infections caused by bacteria and fungi, general, specified, or unspecified.
Blood-Borne Infections 
Community-Acquired Infections 
Emerging Communicable Diseases 
infective endocarditis +  
Intraabdominal Infections +   
ornithine translocase deficiency  
osteomyelitis +   
parasitic infectious disease +   
Pelvic Infection +   
Vaccine-Preventable Diseases 
Vector Borne Diseases 
viral infectious disease +   
Waterborne Diseases 

Primary IDs: MESH:D001423
subset: RGD_JBrowse_slim
Definition Sources: MESH:D001423

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