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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (DOID:9004302)
Annotations: Rat: (178) Mouse: (177) Human: (183) Chinchilla: (159) Bonobo: (165) Dog: (171) Squirrel: (162) Pig: (170)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
acute disseminated encephalomyelitis +   
acute infection of pinna 
Adnexal Diseases +   
amenorrhea +   
Arbovirus Infections +   
Argentine hemorrhagic fever 
Bacteremia +   
Bacterial Endocarditis +  
bacterial esophagitis 
Bacterial Eye Infections +   
bacterial gastritis 
Bacterial Lung Diseases +   
bacterial sepsis 
Bacterial Skin Diseases +   
bacterial vaginosis  
Barmah Forest virus disease 
Bartholin's gland disease +  
beach ear 
Bolivian hemorrhagic fever 
Brazilian hemorrhagic fever 
Central Nervous System Bacterial Infections +   
Central Nervous System Viral Diseases +   
Chapare hemorrhagic fever 
chronic fatigue syndrome  
chylocele of tunica vaginalis 
commensal bacterial infectious disease +   
common wart 
Congenital Bilateral Aplasia of Vas Deferens  
DNA Virus Infections +   
ectopic pregnancy +   
endometriosis +   
epididymis disease +   
fallopian tube disease +   
Female Genital Neoplasms +   
Female Genital Tuberculosis 
Fibrous Sheath Dysplasia  
focal epithelial hyperplasia 
Fournier Gangrene 
genital herpes  
Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections +   
Gram-Positive Bacterial Infections +   
hand, foot and mouth disease 
hepatitis A  
hepatitis B +   
hepatitis D +  
hernia of ovary and fallopian tube 
hordeolum externum 
hydrocele +   
infertility +   
inhibited female orgasm 
inhibited male orgasm 
Interferon Gamma, Receptor 1, Deficiency  
lujo hemorrhagic fever 
Male Genital Neoplasms +   
male genital organ stricture 
male genital organ vascular disease 
male infertility +   
malignant otitis externa 
Masters-Allen syndrome 
Newcastle disease 
O'nyong'nyong fever 
opportunistic bacterial infectious disease +   
Opportunistic Infections +   
Oropouche fever 
parovarian cyst 
pelvic inflammatory disease +   
penile disease +   
Penis Agenesis  
perichondritis of auricle +  
plantar wart 
premenstrual tension +  
preterm premature rupture of the membranes  
primary bacterial infectious disease +   
prolapse of female genital organ +   
prostate disease +   
purulent labyrinthitis 
Reproductive Tract Infections 
respiratory syncytial virus infectious disease  
Rift Valley fever  
RNA Virus Infections +   
Ross River fever 
severe acute respiratory syndrome  
sexual dysfunction +   
Sexually Transmitted Diseases +   
Diseases due to or propagated by sexual contact.
Slow Virus Diseases +   
spermatic cord torsion  
Spirochaetales Infections +   
subacute sclerosing panencephalitis +   
suppurative lymphadenitis 
testicular disease +   
Tuberculosis, Male Genital 
Tumor Virus Infections +   
uterine disease +   
vaginal disease +   
Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever 
vesiculitis +  
Viral Bronchiolitis  
viral esophagitis 
Viral Eye Infections +   
viral gastritis +  
viral hepatitis +   
viral labyrinthitis 
viral laryngitis 
Viral Myocarditis  
viral pneumonia  
Viral Skin Diseases +   
Viremia +   
vulvar disease +   
vulvovaginitis +   
Whitewater Arroyo hemorrhagic fever 
Zika fever +  
Zoonoses +  

Exact Synonyms: STDs ;   STI ;   STIs ;   Sexually Transmitted Disease ;   Sexually Transmitted Infection ;   Sexually Transmitted Infections ;   Venereal Disease ;   Venereal Diseases
Primary IDs: MESH:D012749 ;   RDO:0006556
Definition Sources: MESH:D012749

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