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Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (DOID:9003962)
Annotations: Rat: (17) Mouse: (17) Human: (17) Chinchilla: (16) Bonobo: (17) Dog: (17) Squirrel: (17) Pig: (17)
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Hypercalciuria +   
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms +   
Symptoms of disorders of the lower urinary tract including frequency, NOCTURIA; urgency, incomplete voiding, and URINARY INCONTINENCE. They are often associated with OVERACTIVE BLADDER; URINARY INCOMPETENCE; and INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS. Lower urinary tract symptoms in males were traditionally called PROSTATISM.
Oliguria +   
Polyuria +   
proteinuria +   

Primary IDs: MESH:D059411 ;   RDO:0009995
Definition Sources: MESH:D059411

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