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anogenital venereal wart +   
atrophic vulva 
balanitis +  
bowenoid papulosis  
This disease is characterized by multiple maculopapular lesions that can form brownish plaques anywhere in the anogenital region. It is a rare, highly contagious sexually-transmitted infection associated with HPV-16 or other less frequent HPV subtype.
genital herpes  
human immunodeficiency virus infectious disease +   
hypospadias +   
leukoplakia of penis 
MORM Syndrome  
Penile Neoplasms +   
Peyronie's disease  
phimosis +   
priapism +   
Pruritus Vulvae 
Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions of the Cervix  
Trichomonas vaginalis trichomoniasis 
ulceration of vulva 
vulva fibroepithelial polyp 
vulvar dystrophy 
Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus  
Vulvar Neoplasms +   
vulvitis +   

Exact Synonyms: BP
Definition Sources: PMID:28667573

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