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Premature Obstetric Labor (DOID:9002633)
Annotations: Rat: (19) Mouse: (19) Human: (19) Chinchilla: (16) Bonobo: (18) Dog: (17) Squirrel: (14) Pig: (17)
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Breech Presentation 
Cephalopelvic Disproportion 
Dystocia +  
Fetal Membranes, Premature Rupture +   
placenta accreta 
placenta praevia +  
placental abruption  
Postpartum Hemorrhage 
Premature Obstetric Labor +   
Onset of OBSTETRIC LABOR before term (TERM BIRTH) but usually after the FETUS has become viable. In humans, it occurs sometime during the 29th through 38th week of PREGNANCY. TOCOLYSIS inhibits premature labor and can prevent the BIRTH of premature infants (INFANT, PREMATURE).
Sheehan syndrome 
uterine inversion 
Uterine Rupture +  
Vasa Previa 

Exact Synonyms: Premature Labor ;   Preterm Labor
Primary IDs: MESH:D007752
Alternate IDs: RDO:0005949
Definition Sources: MESH:D007752

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