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African Horse Sickness 
Aliivibrio Infections 
amebiasis +   
Anaplasmataceae Infections +  
Arbovirus Encephalitis +   
Bacteroidaceae Infections +  
Bartonellaceae Infections +  
Bordetella Infections +   
Borrelia Infections +   
brucellosis +   
Burkholderia Infections +   
Central Nervous System Protozoal Infections +   
Chlamydiaceae Infections +   
Ciliophora Infections +  
coccidiosis +   
Cytophagaceae Infections 
dengue disease +   
Desulfovibrionaceae Infections 
Enterobacteriaceae Infections +   
Equine Encephalomyelitis +  
Euglenozoa Infections +   
Flavobacteriaceae Infections 
Fusobacteriaceae Infections +   
Helicobacter Infections +   
legionellosis +   
leishmaniasis +   
leptospirosis +   
malaria +   
Moraxellaceae Infections +  
Mycoplasmatales Infections +   
Neisseriaceae Infections +   
parasitic Ichthyosporea infectious disease +  
Pasteurellaceae Infections +   
Phlebotomus fever 
Piscirickettsiaceae Infections 
Protozoan Infections, Animal +   
Pseudomonas Infections +   
Q fever  
Rickettsiaceae Infections +   
Rift Valley fever  
sodoku disease 
Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia Bacteremia 
Tick-Borne Diseases +   
Bacterial, viral, or parasitic diseases transmitted to humans and animals by the bite of infected ticks. The families Ixodidae and Argasidae contain many bloodsucking species that are important pests of man and domestic birds and mammals and probably exceed all other arthropods in the number and variety of disease agents they transmit. Many of the tick-borne diseases are zoonotic.
trichomoniasis +  
trypanosomiasis +   
tularemia +   
Vibrio Infections +   
yellow fever  
Zika fever +   

Exact Synonyms: Tick Borne Infections ;   Tick-Borne Disease ;   Tick-Borne Infection
Primary IDs: MESH:D017282
Definition Sources: MESH:D017282

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