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nose disease +     
Polyps +     
Adenomatous Polyps +   
Bifid Nose  
Epistaxis +   
Intestinal Polyps +   
lethal midline granuloma 
Nasal Alar Collapse, Bilateral 
nasal cavity disease +   
Nasal Obstruction  
Nasal Polyps +   
Focal accumulations of EDEMA fluid in the NASAL MUCOSA accompanied by HYPERPLASIA of the associated submucosal connective tissue. Polyps may be NEOPLASMS, foci of INFLAMMATION, degenerative lesions, or malformations.
Nasal Septal Perforation 
Nose Deformities, Acquired +  
Nose Neoplasms +   
paranasal sinus disease +   
polyp of corpus uteri 

Exact Synonyms: Nasal Polyp ;   Nasal Polyposis
Primary IDs: MESH:D009298 ;   RDO:0001584
Definition Sources: MESH:D009298

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