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corneal disease +     
Ectopia Lentis +     
glaucoma +     
Absent Eyebrows and Eyelashes with Mental Retardation 
absolute glaucoma 
Ackerman Syndrome 
angle-closure glaucoma +   
anterior segment dysgenesis 3  
anterior segment dysgenesis 4  
aqueous misdirection 
Arnold Stickler Bourne Syndrome 
Blepharoptosis, Myopia, and Ectopia Lentis 
borderline glaucoma +  
Bowen Syndrome 
Bowman's membrane folds or rupture 
Brittle Cornea Syndrome +   
Cataract Microcornea Syndrome  
Colobomatous Macrophthalmia with Microcornea 
cornea cancer +  
cornea plana +   
corneal argyrosis 
corneal degeneration +   
corneal deposit +  
corneal dystrophy +   
corneal ectasia 
corneal edema +   
Corneal Endothelial Cell Loss 
Corneal Graft Rejection  
Corneal Hypesthesia, Familial 
Corneal Injuries +   
corneal intraepithelial neoplasm 
corneal neovascularization +   
Corneal Opacity +   
corneal staphyloma 
Corneal Wavefront Aberration 
Craniosynostosis with Ectopia Lentis 
Dermoids of Cornea 
Dyssegmental Dysplasia with Glaucoma 
Early-Onset Glaucoma +   
ectopia lentis with ectopia of pupil  
Ectopia Lentis, Spontaneous Filtering Blebs, and Craniofacial Dysmorphism  
Friedreich Ataxia Congenital Glaucoma 
Ghose Sachdev Kumar Syndrome 
Glaucoma 3, Primary Infantile, B  
Glaucoma and Sleep Apnea 
glaucomatous atrophy of optic disc 
hypersecretion glaucoma 
Iris Hypoplasia and Glaucoma 
isolated ectopia lentis +   
keratitis +   
keratoconus +   
keratopathy +  
Kniest-Like Dysplasia with Pursed Lips and Ectopia Lentis 
Lowry Maclean syndrome 
MacKay Shek Carr Syndrome 
megalocornea +   
Microcornea, Glaucoma, and Absent Frontal Sinuses 
Microcornea, Rod-Cone Dystrophy, Cataract, and Posterior Staphyloma 1  
Microspherophakia +   
Microspherophakia and/or Megalocornea, with Ectopia Lentis and with or without Secondary Glaucoma  
neovascular glaucoma  
Neuhauser Syndrome 
Noble Bass Sherman Syndrome 
Normal Tension Glaucoma  
open-angle glaucoma +   
Peters Anomaly with Cataract 
phacogenic glaucoma +   
primary congenital glaucoma +   
Proximal Renal Tubular Acidosis, with Ocular Abnormalities and Mental Retardation  
pterygium +   
Ramos Arroyo Clark Syndrome 
ring dermoid of cornea  
sclerocornea +   
Spastic Paresis, Glaucoma, and Mental Retardation 
Stern Lubinsky Durrie Syndrome 
steroid-induced glaucoma +  
Tetralogy of Fallot and Glaucoma 
trachoma +   
traumatic glaucoma 
Weill-Marchesani Syndrome 2  
Zazam Sheriff Phillips Syndrome 

Primary IDs: MESH:C563255 ;   RDO:0012580

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