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Delusional Parasitosis (DOID:9000900)
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Delusional Parasitosis 
A delusional disorder of belief in infestation by insects or other parasites. This FORMICATION is typically accompanied by dermatological manifestation such as PRURITUS that may lead to self-mutilation in order to remove the perceived parasites. It can be either primary or secondary to a somatic or psychiatric condition.
Morgellons Disease 
Paranoid Disorders  
Psychotic Affective Disorders +   
psychotic disorder +   
schizophrenia +   
schizophreniform disorder 

Exact Synonyms: Delusional Parasitoses ;   Delusory Parasitoses ;   Delusory Parasitosis ;   Dermatozoic Delusion ;   Dermatozoic Delusions ;   Ekbom Delusional Parasitoses ;   Ekbom Delusional Parasitosis ;   Ekbom Delusory Parasitoses ;   Ekbom Delusory Parasitosis ;   Ekbom Dermatozoic Delusion ;   Ekbom Dermatozoic Delusions ;   Ekbom Psychogenic Parasitoses ;   Ekbom Psychogenic Parasitosis ;   Psychogenic Parasitoses ;   Psychogenic Parasitosis
Primary IDs: MESH:D063726 ;   RDO:0015824
Definition Sources: MESH:D063726

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