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Benign Skin Neoplasms, Epithelial (DOID:9000894)
Annotations: Rat: (40) Mouse: (40) Human: (41) Chinchilla: (36) Bonobo: (38) Dog: (39) Squirrel: (34) Pig: (38)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
angiokeratoma of Fordyce +  
benign dermal neurilemmoma 
Benign Skin Neoplasms, Epithelial +   
A benign proliferation or tumor of epithelial origin in the skin.
clear cell acanthoma 
cutaneous fibrous histiocytoma 
cutaneous ganglioneuroma 
dermis tumor +  
dermoid cyst of skin 
epidermal appendage tumor  
eyelid benign neoplasm +   
granular cell tumor +   
hair follicle neoplasm +   
sebaceous gland neoplasm +   
seborrheic keratosis +   
skin glomangioma +  
skin granular cell tumor 
skin hemangioma +   
skin lipoma 
skin meningioma 
sweat gland benign neoplasm +  
 skin papilloma +   

Exact Synonyms: Benign epithelial neoplasm of skin ;   Benign tumor of surface epithelium
Primary IDs: RDO:9000114

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